Groundwater Catchment Services in the Outaouais Region



Drilling is the entire set of operations involved in digging through the layers of ground using the proper equipment. This step leads to significant savings, because it allows for the natural heat in the ground to be captured, which is the concept of geothermal heat.


Our experts are attentive to your needs and will guide you through every step of the process, from the on-site estimate to the operation of your new well to ensuring that you know how to use it. We even offer a one-year warranty on our labour.

When the entire installation is carried out in compliance with industry standards, which is what we guarantee to our clients, an artesian well represents a sound, reliable and effective investment.


Monette Well Drilling offers fast and effective repair services for your pumping systems, whether they were installed by our team of professionals or by another company.

Hydro Fracturing

Hydro fracturing (or hydrofracking) is the process that involves temporarily blocking the entry of the well and filling it with water under high pressure in order to open up and clean any blocked cracks in the most natural way possible.

Hydro fracturing is required in the following situations:

  • If the water flow obtained subsequent to drilling is not sufficient
  • If the water flow is unproductive and a better water flow is required
  • If the performance of the well needs to be improved

There are other ways to improve the water flow, but fracking produces the best results by far. In addition, fracking carries a lower risk of contaminating the groundwater and danger

Cementing Wells

Cementing (or sealing) a well consists of rendering it permanently waterproof. This procedure is important for protecting wells against external contamination.

Cementing is carried out by drilling a hole that fits a well casing. The space between the hole and the casing is then filled with bentonite, a material that swells upon contact with water, which renders the space completely waterproof.

In June 2003, the Quebec Government adopted a new regulation respecting groundwater catchment works. At the present time, wells must be located:

  • At least 30 metres from an unsealed wastewater treatment system
  • At least 15 metres from a sealed wastewater treatment system
  • At least 30 metres from a cultivated parcel of land

It is possible to locate a well at a minimum distance of 15 meters from an unsealed wastewater treatment system by cementing the well.

Well Cleaning

Monette Well Drilling also offers the cleaning service for your well.

Bulk Water Delivery

Do you need to fill your pool? Monette Well Drilling delivers the necessary quantity of water directly to your door. This service applies to all situations requiring a considerable amount of water.

To learn more about our services, contact us.

Inspection by Camera

Inspection by camera consists of inserting a video camera into the opening of the groundwater catchment.

This operation is required when verifying problems related to the water supply, such as cracks and leaks, and may generate significant savings (e.g.: if the images show that repairs would be useless before starting the work).

Drilling truck

Drilling in wet terrain

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